Tickets, accommodation and meals

Self customized modular package, consists of tickets, accommodation and meals.

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Here you can make up your own personally designed package. It’s flexible and self constructed. Each one buys exactly what’s right for him or her, price and conditions wise.


The tickets are naturally mandatory. The sooner you buy, the cheaper they will be. Tickets to our special gathering are sold in 3 cycles, each one with a limited amount. Whenever the tickets of one cycle are over the next cycle begins.

Please note, there are last tickets left in Cicle 2
We are just before the transition to Cicle 3
and the ticket price increase

  • Cycle 1 – First tickets- 600 nis – Sold out
  • Cycle 2 – Regular tickets – 700 nis
  • Cycle 3- Last tickets- 750 nis
The gathering is not suitable  for children.


A big variety of options is offered, including cozy shared bedrooms (with an option to close a room for a group of friends), the village’s shared huts or bedouin tents, all with prices accordingly ,or camping with no extra cost.

The spots in the rooms and huts are limited and their costs will be higher closer to the event, therefore it’s highly recommended to save your spot.

Food Packages

Three meals will be served daily- breakfast, lunch and dinner, in a shared space on regular times, to all the gathering participants.

The food will be vegetarian, rich and healthy, including hot beverages.

Here you can choose how many meals you’d like to buy in advance.

It’s probably best to buy at least 4-6 meals so you’ll enjoy the reduced price.

  • The full pack- 6 meals- 270 nis (45 per meal)
  • Half board- 4 meals- 200 nis (50 per meal)
  • Individual meals- 1-3 meal – 60

Rooms and accommodation options in the village:

The great news that Kfar Hanokdim brings with it, is the many and luxurious accommodation options we can offer you. The village of the dots is beautifully designed and maintained to a high standard.


Each room has a double bed and 3 additional beds, shower and toilet. Outside each room, a yard with beautiful seating areas, armchairs, an outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator, hammocks and more. These are rooms suitable for up to 5 girlfriends and boyfriends, 3-4 or for a couple who wants the whole room to themselves.

We sell rooms both by bed in the room and as complete rooms, so you can organize several friends together (it’s cheaper), and also to allow units and individuals to buy only for themselves of course.

Shared Village huts:

Throughout the village, a pampering and special area of ​​cabins,
Each cabin has up to 8 places,
You can book several companies, or a single place,
They have air conditioning, heating, a coffee corner,
And there is a sitting area and a beautiful common hang in the center.
The toilets and showers are shared and are close to the cabins.

Accommodation in shared desert tents

In addition to the rooms, we also sell mattresses in heated desert tents throughout the village,
That way you and your equipment will have a corner. In the desert tent beyond the mattress you will also have space for equipment, bring bedding and blankets. There are electrical outlets near the tents and the cooking area includes an electric stove, refrigerator and work surface.

2 Options in the heated tents in the heart of the village:
– Mixed tents for men and women
– Women’s tents


Of course, you can also sleep in the camping area located outside the village, at no extra charge.

Here below are the full specifications and many options.
You are invited to pamper yourself accordingly.

All prices include both nights.
The number of places in rooms and cabins is limited.
The earlier you buy, the cheaper it is.

For detailed information about the rooms, cabins and tents click here

  • For questions regarding the rooms please contact us via whatsapp: 052-7720200
  • Or via email: [email protected]
  • We’ll do our best to respond asap and within 24 hours

A few words and ground rules regarding cancellations, tickets, accommodation and food.

The best thing obviously, is to come, but if for any reason you need to cancel here is the cancellation policy, updated according to the new consumer protection law.

You can cancel what you’ve purchased up to 14 days from when the deal was completed, with a 5% charge.

14 days after the deal was completed it is not possible to cancel anymore whatsoever.

If something comes up and you can’t make it you can transfer or sell the tickets to someone else.

Transferring the ticket needs to be made by transferring the barcode ticket you have received to your email and the reservation confirmation with a copy of the original buyer’s ID. The new buyer needs to show all of the above upon entering.

No need to inform us about transferring the tickets or the meals you’ve bought.

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