The Israel Yoga Festival in collaboration with Kfar Hnokdim are excited to present:

Yoga Desert Gathering

Master Class Retreat

23-25 February 2023
Kfar Hnokdim


We’ve been waiting for a long time to create the second Israel Yoga Festival event of the year. After 6 years in which we’ve been gathering in the summers for the biggest yoga festival in Israel, we’re now excited to invite you all to a new event that has been in our mind and dreams for a long time.

A special event, first of its kind, held in a beautiful real oasis. An hour and a half drive from the center, situated on the beautiful road between Arad and Masada, the biggest, most beautiful and impressive khan in Israel- Kfar Hanokdim.

The Yoga Gathering is an in-depth conference in the desert, holding a retreat atmosphere, incorporating 3 hours long masterclasses led by the masters of the Israeli Yoga world, evening music concerts, live music morning classes, good food and many other surprises soon to be told…

A community vacation in the desert, full of inspiration, friends and deep learning. A time to gather up and to take a break from the daily rais.To take time for Yoga, time for yourself.

In the core of the gathering will stand 3 hours long masterclasses with the leading teachers in Israel. A unique opportunity to dive deep with those who have been training and teaching generations of Yoga teachers and lighting the way to others in the path of Yoga.

The Yoga Gathering was created to allow us all an extraordinary experience, a transcending time in the desert, far from everything and close to yourself. Time for practice, tuning in and listening. Time both for togetherness and solitude.

We are truly excited to invite you to join us in this new adventure, different from anything you’ve known before.

Kfar Hanokdim

Kfar Hanokdim gives us the space and the most perfect ideal facilities for our gathering, that was specially adapted to the desert style spacious village.
The place has a diverse range of accommodation options and will be closed for other visitors in order for us to have all the space and the attentive listening we need to create the right energy for this gathering. It is the perfect place for Yoga and desert to meet.
We’re very glad and thankful for this cooperation.

Who is it for?

Yoga practitioners who want to dive deeper into their practice, learn more and meet new approaches and schools.

Yoga teachers – There are thousands of Yoga teachers in Israel, all invited to this professional seminar with the masters of the Israeli Yoga world.

It’s an opportunity for all of us to learn from each other and enjoy the exchange of knowledge and experience.

For anyone looking for some relaxing time in nature with delightful space and time for Yoga, warm community and inspiring atmosphere away from home.

We see this conference as a transformative experience, a place to charge your energies, a gift to yourself.

Our modular pack

You’re invited to create your own personally costumed combination, to make the whole experience as comfortable and suitable for you as possible. The package consists of tickets, meals and your chosen accommodation option.


Naturally the tickets are mandatory. The sooner you buy it, the cheaper it will be.
Number of places is limited and we expect high demand.


You can choose your preferable accommodation option- the pampering rooms of Kfar Hanokdim, the shared cabins, the heated bedouin tents or camping. The costs change accordingly.


We eat together on regular times. You can choose how many meals you want to buy in advance. The 4-6 meals deals are recommended as they give the best price per meal. It’s also possible to buy 1-3 meals with the price changing accordingly. We’ll provide vegetarian healthy food, including hot beverages. 

you can create the package, most suitable for your needs, in the “Tickets and accommodation” page.

Ore Teachers

Yoga Desert Gedering hosts the masters of the yoga world in Israel, for special 3-hour masterclasses, a rare opportunity to deepen and practice with the best.


Music and More

The music will accompany us throughout the weekend, starting with kirtan and a special performance by Shai Ben Tzur, to morning classes with live music, sound healing, ecstatic dance and more.

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Tickets, Rooms and meals

Here you put together your package according to what is convenient and suitable for you. Ticket, accommodation and food option.

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Kfar Hnokdim

The place we chose is Kfar Hanokdim, a huge and spacious village, the largest, most beautiful and impressive khan in Israel.


The schedule

Here you can see our schedule, together with the flow of the weekend and everything we are planning. This is the story of our journey…

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