Music and more

The music that will accompany us throughout the weekend

Music is an essential part of this journey for us, and it will walk us through this gathering from beginning to end.

Every evening we’ll gather up for the main musical event

On thursday- live music Kirtan ceremony

On friday- Shay Ben zur and and Ben Ayalon

We’ll open every morning with a live music practice session, to start the day just right.

Friday morning- Nieke Franken and Dan Avidor

Saturday morning- Darya Eyal and Ran Gerson

In the afternoon we’ll enjoy gentle meditative music sessions.

Friday night we’ll dive into an ecstatic dance session, allowing us to let go into the realms of music.

On Saturday the Yin Yoga closing session of the gathering with Noga Weiss will be accompanied by great live music


Along with the rich practice and music events you’ll have an opportunity to experience special practices from different cultures – a sweat lodge ceremony and Wim Hof  freezing water practice. Those will require registration in advance and extra payment. Full details will be given closer to the event.

Shye Ben Tzur

An exotic show with Ben Ayalon on percussion
Friday 20:30

Over the years, Shye Ben Tzur creates a combination between the traditional Qavali poetry and the poetic Hebrew language in his original materials and from the sources of Sufi poetry. So in fact, Ben Tzur created an original and new musical language, somewhere between the origins of the Rajasthani desert music and Ben Tzur’s personal roots in the worlds of rock with influences from the gypsy culture and with a parallel affinity to the groove.

Some of his songs became anthems and touched the hearts of many thousands, among them: “Apartment” “Sushan”, “Swirl”, “Die in love”, “Here I am”, “How can I keep sleeping”, “Dancing” and more…

His latest album JUNUN, which is a collaboration with Jonny Greenwood (Radiohead), Nigel Goodrich (producer of Radiohead, U2, Paul McCartney and more) was recorded in the Jodhpur Fort in Rajasthan and is gaining a lot of resonance in the world (album of the year Sandy Times – world music). The recording process was documented on film by Hollywood director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Shye Ben Tzur’s musical journey has been moving for years on the line between India and Israel, between the spiritual and cultural world of Sufi music and influences from the Western world.

Shye will be accompanied by the wonderful percussion wizard Ben Ilon (Yossi Fine, Bombino and more)


בן אילון

Mala Project

Thursday 20:30 – Kirtan ceremony with live music and audience participation

Song and play: Shay Becher, Narayen Joti (Ron Paz), Einav Zaluf, Daniel Sun, Eyal Epstein.

 We open our gathering with a kirtan ceremony, singing ancient Sanskrit mantras from the yogic tradition, to open the heart, the voice, tune in, enter the right frequency. On the stage are five musicians who will invite us all to join the journey.

Kirtan is an ancient practice rooted in the yoga tradition and its purpose is to cultivate the qualities of the heart, to connect us to the spirit that rules all and to unite our prayers.

Shai Becher and Ron Paz Narain Jyoti, together with a special ensemble, will guide us in singing response from silence and meditation to dance and celebration.

Shai Bachar – singing and rhythm
Narain Joti (Ron Paz) – vocals, harmonium and guitar
Eyal Epstein – Bass
Daniel Sun – Dehulk and percussion
Einav Zlof – singing


Morning classes with live music

Friday 08:00 Nika Franken and Dan Avidor
Yoga: Nika Franken
Music: Dan Avidor

Dan Avidor, a drummer at heart, found an interest in therapeutic musical instruments from the East through the world of yoga. Dan specializes in meditative playing on the phantom drum and leads sound meditation workshops accompanied by ancient musical instruments such as Tibetan bowls, gong bells and more.

Saturday 08:00 Daria Eyal and Ren Gerson
Yoga: Daria Eyal
Music: Ran Gerson

Ran Gerson – professional musician, music producer with a recording studio in Kiryat Tivon, composer, teacher, student, researcher and frequency therapist, conducts workshops on healing sounds, sound healing and musical instruments from ancient cultures since 2010 in Israel and around the world

More in our gathering

We can already reveal that some other practices will be available for you to experience. The full details will be published soon but for now we can share that we’ll have with us:

Freezing water bath– Wim Hof practice
An experienced Wim Hof facilitator will guide us into this rejuvenating refreshing method.
Registration in advance and extra payment are required.

Sweat lodge ceremony at night time
We’re so happy to tell you we’re bringing a Sweat lodge to the event and we’ll have a ceremony every night for anyone interested.

Registration in advance and extra payment are required. Limited spots available.

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