Rooms and Accommodation

Kfar Hanokdim opens to us a whole new world of accommodation options. It is beautifully designed and high level maintained.

It offers a diverse choice of rooms, huts and heated tents with costs changing accordingly, alongside camping free of charge.

The sooner you book your room, the cheaper it will be.

The rooms – most rooms have up to 5 beds, including a double bed and 3 single beds. You’ll get sheets, bed linen, towels, coffee and a private bathroom. Outside of each room you’ll find a beautiful sitting area, hammocks, an outdoor kitchen with a frigider etc.
These rooms are perfect for groups of 5 friends or couples that like their space:)

It’s possible to book a whole room or to book a single bed in one of those rooms. If you book it as a group the price will be a bit cheaper for each.

Alongside the rooms we also offer these options of accommodation:

Shared huts– each hut has 6 single spots and a double bed. 9 of these huts are located in a big circle in the middle of the village, with a gorgeous sitting area between them, full of hammocks and beauty spots. The shared bathrooms and toilets for all the huts residents are located right next to them, not inside the huts themselves.

Sleeping spots on mattresses in shared desert style tents. The tents are well heated and spread around in the village. That will give you and your equipment a comfortable ground to go back to. We’ll open 3 options- tents for women, men, and mixed tents. Next to each tent you’ll find cozy hangout space, electricity and an outdoor kitchen.

In the desert bedouin tent you’ll have a place to keep your stuff. Please bring your blankets and bed linens.

And last but not least- the camping area is open for you to camp with no extra charge.

Here below you’ll find the full detailed information about the rooms and all the accommodation options

For booking go to “Tickets and accommodation” page
Find exactly the right match for you.

Travelers rooms

Suitable for up to 5 persons

Magical, comfortable, beautifully designed rooms, furnished purely from natural materials, local stones, wood and metal, exquisite salt lamps, with ac and private bathroom and toilet. You’ll get bed linens, towels and coffee- making facilities.
Most of the rooms have one open space and are decorated with handmade artistic drawings made by local artists. Outside there are sitting “zula” areas and hammocks for the guests to use and enjoy.
These rooms can be booked as a whole unit and according to the number of beds- details and booking in the “Tickets and accommodation” page.

Full room for a family or a group of friends: 3000-3250 nis
Single bed for 2 nights: 650-700 nis
Double bed for 2 nights: 1300-1400

Desert style rooms

Suitable for up to 5 persons

Charming and graceful rooms in different designs inspired by the desert. Some covered with goat hair on the inside and some with oriental decorations.
Each offers 5 spots- a double bed and 3 single beds.
They are a bit more spacious and located in a different area from the travelers rooms, with spacious comfortable sitting areas.
Can be booked as a whole unit for families or groups, or as separated beds.

Full room for a family or a group of friends: 3250-3500 nis
Single bed for 2 nights: 700-750 nis
Double bed for 2 nights: 1400-1500

The stone houses

The stone rooms are the most high level pampering rooms in the village. They are located in two complexes in the new area of the village, facing the stunning views of the desert.
Each complex is a masterwork of stone- arches and unique decorations, side to side with a blooming garden.
In the central space between the rooms there is a shaded pergola, hammocks and colorful garden furniture, inviting the guests to enjoy the tranquility of the desert. The unit has two rooms: a suite with a double bed and a living room with 3 single beds and a decorative bathroom. Rich tea and coffee making spots are also there for your use.
To your attention: only the stone rooms have privacy in the sense of separation between the double bed and the other single beds.
Can be booked as a whole unit for families or groups, or as separated beds.
Full room for 2 nights (5 beds): 3750-4000 nis
Single bed for 2 nights: 750-800 nis
Double bed (separate room) for 2 nights: 1500-1600

Shared cabins

A perfect place in the middle

The cabin is covered with goat wool and has a wooden floor. It features sleeping couches, coffee- making facilities, an AC and a high lookout balcony for you to enjoy the air and infinite beauty you’re surrounded by.
Next to the huts there are shared toilets and bathrooms, a cooking area and spaces to hang out or to sit around the fire.

The hut is suitable for 4-8 persons.

Can be heated during the cold season
Wool blanket, bed linens, a pillow and a towel will be supplied to the hut guests.
The hut has one electrical plug, bring power strips with you.
The cooking area contains a gas stove, work space and a refrigerator.

One bed in the cabin for 2 nights: 450-500 nis
A whole cabin for 2 nights (4-8 persons) : 2400-2500 nis

Desert style bedouin tent

A cheap and comfortable option.

Big spacious tent, woven from black goats wool. The floor is covered with colorful rugs and soft mattresses. Toilets, showers and cooking areas are nearby. The tents are air conditioned during the day. .
As a guest in the tents you’ll need to bring your own bed linens and blankets, your pillow and a towel.
Next to the tents you’ll have power plugs. We recommend bringing power strips with you.
The cooking area contains a gas stove, work space and a refrigerator. Bring your own cooking instruments with you.
Please notice: For everyone’s convenience, we open the reservations for the tents with a few options:

  • A mattress in a mixed tent, women and men
  • A mattress in an only women tent
  • A mattress in an only men tent
    250-300 for 2 nights
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